Where do your sound effects come from?

Pro Sound Effects sources recordings from exclusive partnerships with world-class recordists and award-winning sound artists. Just a few of our many partners include Mark Mangini (Dune, Mad Max: Fury Road), Richard King (Dunkirk, The Dark Knight), and Ann Kroeber (The Black Stallion). Then our in-house Editorial Team edits, masters, and tags each sound file according to our quality and metadata standards to help you find the right sound for every project.

Are your sound effects royalty-free?

Yes! If you are engaging in synchronous usage, your works will be fully covered regardless of usage frequency and volume. We are the copyright administrators for all of our catalogs, so everything is safe and legal to use.

How do I download sounds?

To download a sound file, first you must use a credit to license that sound file - then it will download automatically. One credit lets you license one sound file. Credits can be purchased starting at $3.99 each - or buy credits in bulk to save more per credit.

To download sounds from past orders, Log in and visit My Account in the top right corner.

Where can I find an invoice for my order?

Log in and visit My Account in the top right corner to access your order history, downloads, and invoices.

How does licensing work?

When you purchase a credit to download a sound, you are actually purchasing the license to use that sound in your projects. By default, all of our sound effects are covered by the Individual End User License Agreement which allows royalty-free, synchronous, commercial usage for a single user. Learn more about licensing here, or review the full IEULA here.

If you have multiple users or will be using the sounds asynchronously (eg. ringtone, mobile app, toy, etc.), please contact us for a complimentary licensing consultation. We’ll get you set up with a customized license that meets your access needs and unique usage.

Working with a team?

Get trial access to the Pro Sound Effects platform for 30 days. We will help you empower your creative organization with a world-class sound library and powerful workflow. Or contact us here to speak with a Licensing Specialist.

I downloaded some sounds. What’s the best way to organize my files and use them in my projects?

Our sound library software SoundQ gives you free cloud access to all your sounds and libraries purchased from Pro Sound Effects – even on the Free tier. Search all of your sounds in one place, and send sounds directly to your timeline.

What happened to the Online Library at download.prosoundeffects.com ?

First, welcome to the new Pro Sound Effects experience! This is your new home for searching, previewing, and downloading individual sound effects from our entire library of 850,000+ sounds – now available with UCS metadata (Universal Category System).

This is only the first step towards a better PSE experience with one login and everything in one place. Libraries will be integrated into this platform soon. We are dedicated to ensuring your experience with Pro Sound Effects is the best it can be.

The Online Library at download.prosoundeffects.com is a separate platform and is still available – you can log in to access any time.

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